Doctoral Program

Since the ini is an institute jointly-operated between the University and the ETH Zurich, several options are available for doctoral degrees. Most students are hired to research a particular pre-funded project at the Institute, which can take place under several faculties of the University and ETH. Contact one of the Institute researchers listed below to enquire about available projects.

There are also several doctoral programs through which the INI accepts doctoral students. More information about these programs is listed below.

Direct supervision by the Institute

ETH D-PHYS (Department of Physics)

Supervision by Rodney Douglas, Richard Hahnloser, Ruedi Stoop, Giacomo Indiveri

ETH D-BIOL (Department of Biology)

Supervision by Kevan Martin, Ruedi Stoop

ETH D-ITET (Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering)

Supervision by Rodney Douglas, Tobi Delbruck, Giacomo Indiveri, Shih-Chii Liu

UZH MNF and Medical Faculty

The faculty of science (MNF) of the University of Zurich offers a Doctoral studies program, as well as an MD-PhD program for doctors and veterinary surgeons. See their information page for further details.

Supervision by Daniel Kiper, Ruedi Stoop

UZH/ETH ZNZ (Neuroscience Center Zurich)

This program is administered by the Zentrum Neurowissenschaft Zurich (Neuroscience Center Zurich). See their course page for information about their international PhD program.

Life Sciences Zurich Graduate School

The institute also hires doctoral students through the Life sciences Zurich gradate school. This school manages several doctoral programs and places students in a range of institutes across the ETH and University of Zurich through a system of lab rotations.

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