INI Spin-Off Companies

The Institute of Neuroinformatics' focus on neuromorphing engineering has led to the development of multiple new devices. Many are now commercially available thanks to the creation of startup companies, all founded by INI members and Alumni. The products available range from sophisticated new sensors to complete virtual reality systems used in neurorehabilitation.

ViSSee GmbH

Lugano, Switzerland
(founded in 2009 by: Nicola Rohrseitz)


Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 2009 by: Tobi Delbruck, Rodney Douglas, Kynan Eng, David Lawrence)

YouRehab AG

Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 2012 by: Edith Chevrier, Kynan Eng, Lisa Holper, Daniel Kiper, Pawel Pyk)

SciTrackS GmbH

Pfaffhausen, Switzerland
(founded in 2011 by: Steven Fry, Vasco Medici)


Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 2014 by: Christian Brändli, Tobi Delbruck, Marc Osswald)

Synthara AG

Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 1970 by: Alessandro Aimar)

Enway GmbH

Berlin, Germany
(founded in 2017 by: Thanuja Ambegoda)

iniVation AG

Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 2015 by: Tobi Delbruck, Tobi Delbruck, Rodney Douglas, Kynan Eng)

SynSense (aiCTX)

Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 2017 by: Kynan Eng, Giacomo Indiveri, Hongjie Liu, Ning Qiao)


Lausanne, Switzerland
(founded in 2016 by: Kynan Eng, Arko Ghosh, Jean-Pascal Pfister)

(founded in 2018 by: Ilya Kiselev, Hongjie Liu)

Synthara Technologies

Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 1970 by: Iulia-Alexandra Lungu)

Ascarix AG

Zollikon, Switzerland
(founded in 2012 by: Joachim Ott)

Stride AG

(founded in 2021 by: Pawel Pyk)

Kyon Biotech AG

Zurich, Switzerland
(founded in 2009 by: Pawel Pyk)

Entera Pharmaceuticals

Weston, MA, USA
(founded in 2010 by: Mehmet Fatih Yanik)

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