Vasco Medici

Postdoc -- ended Aug 2012
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+41 44 635 30 66
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This project addresses the functional role of mechanosensory
feedback pathways for flight control in the fruit fly
/Drosophila/ (jointly funded with the MPI Dresden by the
Volkswagen-Stiftung). Specifically, the role of mechanosensory
input from wing campaniform sensillae (CS) will be explored in
the context of flight control. First, the mechanical
stimulation of wing CS will be determined from detailed
analyses of wing motion as a basis for further analyses of
neural pathways performed at the MPI. The role of identified
neural pathways for free-flight control will then be explored
behaviorally in transgenic flies both under free-flight
conditions in a wind tunnel, as well as in advanced tethered
flight preparations.


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