Marc Osswald

PhD Student -- ended Mar 2016
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I received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 2008 and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2011, both from ETH Zurich. During my studies I focused on Control Systems, Robotics and Computer Vision. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Neuroinformatics within the Faculty of Science at the University of Zurich as a member of the Neuromorphic Cognitive Systems group at the Institute of Neuroinformatics.

My research addresses the understanding of the key principles underlying the neural mechanism of binocoluar vision in living organisms and the application of those principles in artificial systems. The aim is to built a neuromorphic system consisting of artifical retinas (dynamic vision sensor) and artificial neurons fabricated on custom-made analog/digital mixed signal VLSI chips that implements stereoscopic vision in a biologically inspired manner. Featuring short latency, low power consumption and sparse informative output this approach promises great applicability in future robotic systems.

Research interests:
- Stereo vision
- Event-based processing
- AER circuits and routing schemes


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