Data Compression – Paid Internship

The Neuronal Circuit Dynamics Lab is currently exploring and applying compression algorithms to reduce data amounts from video recordings and imaging measurements, which would significantly reduce the size of existing data sets and future storage requirements. For this purpose, many terabytes of new and old data (mostly videos) need to be zipped, unzipped, moved and compressed. The student will be instructed how to run some automated scripts designed in the lab to accelerate this process. The student will work closely with several members of the lab to record the current state of their data and their needs, and then proceed to implement the compression scheme.

Research Group:
Laboratory of Neural Circuit Dynamics (Prof. Fritjof Helmchen) at the Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich (Irchel Campus, building 55).


Responsibility and attention to detail. Knowledge of bash script and python is welcome but not necessary.


Philipp Bethge (

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