Investigate the neural code along the output axis of the brains memory system

The output stream of the hippocampal formation, providing a large array of brain areas with mnemonic and positional information originates primarily in two regions: the CA1 and the subiculum (SUB). In my previous research I showed that these two regions use very different coding schemes to transmit information. While CA1 appears to use a spike timing code, the SUB employs a rate code for information transfer. In preliminary analysis I found that removing low-frequency spikes from spike trains of SUB neurons leads to an increase in information rate. The task for this project will be to investigate this phenomenon further, by finding the frequency ranges for maximal information transfer in different modalities and to link it to other aspects of hippocampal coding (i.e. local field potentials and to the entropy of the frequency of states).


Proficiency in Matlab or similar coding language


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