INI @ ISCAS 2019

INI had a very strong and successful presence at the IEEE flagship conference in Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2019) last week! We had three peer reviewed papers from the Sensors group (by Chang Gao, Stefan Braun, Ilya Kiselev, Jithendar Anumula, Yuhuang Hu, Xiaoya Li, Daniel Neil, Josep Maria Margarit-Taulé, Tobi Delbruck, and Shih-Chii Liu) and three by the NCS group (Manu Nair, Dongchen Liang, Melika Payvand, and Giacomo Indiveri) There were two demo and one poster presentations, that attracted more attendees than many of the oral presentations sessions. Dongchen won the best Student Paper Award from the Neural Systems and Applications Technical Committee, Manu won the Best Paper Runner-up Award, and Josep Maria won the best demo runner-up award at ISCAS!

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