Sensors group DAVIS240 first to space

The Sensors Group is proud to announce that its DAVIS240 is the first neuromorphic device of any type ever launched to space. Read more …

2020 Misha Mahowald award for Shii-Chii Liu's cochlea group

The independent Prize Jury have unanimously awarded the 2020 Misha Mahowald Prize to the team led by Prof. Shih-Chii Liu for their pioneering “Dynamic Audio Sensor, DAS” that emulates processing principles found in the biological hearing sensors.   Read more …

Trixsy - The card finding magic robot

Trixsy thrusts out its finger at the exactly correct moment as the cards are riffled past its finger. Check out Trixy - the card finding magic robot video. Trixsy was developed by Tobi Delbruck, visiting CSC student Shasha Guo and PhD students Min Liu and Yuhuang Hu. Thanks for filming to Joao Sacramento and Johannes Oswald.

Congratulations to Enea

Congratulations to Enea Ceolini for receiving a Distinction in PhD Thesis award from the Faculty of Science, University of Zurich.

Bias generator self-calibration video

Congrats to NSC masters student Zhenming Yu for publishing his work with Tobi that finally completes the work on the self-calibrating bias generators included on the 2015 fabrication of SEEBETTER DAVIS event cameras. Check out the video and poster in this news item by reading further. This news items was blogged in Vladimir Koifman's image-sensors-world. Read more …

DDD20 DAVIS event camera driving dataset

It's finally available! We are proud that our DDD20 paper was accepted to the Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference. Check out the DDD20 website and arxiv prepublication for lots of cool information about this unique end-to-end event camera dataset. Now we added the full ITSC talk on DDD20. This paper shows that fusing events with frames produces higher steering prediction than either modality alone. By sharp contrast to previous results, the DVS events supplement the APS frames, which are by themselves somewhat better than DVS frames for predicting steering. Congratulation to PhD student Yuhuang Hu for this useful contribution to the research community.

2020 Telluride Neuromorphic workshop videos available

Many videos are now available from the 2020 Telluride Neuromorphic workshop. See the workshop program and the 2020 Telluride Neuromorphic Workshop talk playlist on YouTube.

Shih-Chii Liu talks about History and Outlook of Neuromorphic Electronics

You can watch Shih-Chii Liu's talk "Neuromorphic electronics: A historical perspective and outlook" from the 2020 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering workshop.

Tobi Delbruck releases Event Camera tutorial

Check out the 1.5h dynamic vision sensor event camera tutorial that Tobi Delbruck recorded for ESSCIRC and the Telluride Neuromorphic Workshop. It comes with index to allow random access to material that might interest you. See the Event Camera Tutorial on YouTube.

Confession Session: Lessons learned the hard way

Check out the brand new confessions in our 2020 IEEE Symposium on Circuits and Systems paper "Confession Session: Lessons learned the hard way". See the recorded confessions video talk and our paper below. (29 authors), 2020. “Confession Session: Lessons Learned the Hard Way (invited Paper).” In 2020 IEEE Intl. Symp. on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2020), edited by Walter Salas and Tobi Delbruck.   The confession session paper was blogged in Vladimir Koifman's image-sensors-world.