Stefan Reimann

Research Fellow
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Based on my studies in Physics and Human Medicine, my interest in computational systems' architectures and their evolution has grown from developmental neurobiology and complex systems’ theory.

After my PhD in Theoretical Physics, I spent several years as a researcher in various disciplines including random systems, autonomous ‘biomimetic’ robotics, ‘evolutionary finance’ and risk modelling. Before joining INI recently, I worked on modelling human working memory at the Department of Psychology - Cognitive Psychology at the University of Zurich.

My current research interest is guided by the intuition that the mathematical framework of Hyper-dimensional computing (VSA’s) might allow to formulate and analyse related algebraic structures to better understand neural computation in the brain and to implement them in neuromorphic architectures.

I hold a Performance Diploma for Bassoon from the Trinity College in London and have been playing and still do in numerous orchestral and chamber music ensembles.


Richard Hahnloser




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