Rui Graça

PhD Student
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I am developing my PhD in the Sensors Group at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (UZH/ETH Zürich).

My research focuses on understanding and overcoming current limitations of Dynamic Vision Sensors (DVS), with the goal of developing a new generation DVS optimized for scientific applications (SCIDVS). This new generation DVS will achieve a better noise performance and sensitivity, while preserving the high dynamic range and low latency of previous DVS cameras.

While my background (Master studies and work experience in industry) is on electronics design and telecommunication engineering, I developed a strong curiosity in understanding how the brain works. More concretely, I am fascinated by perception, and by how we make sense of the external world. This interest mostly arises from philosophical questions regarding the relation between our internal representation of the world and anything we might call "external reality".

I am also very interested in arts, politics, and nature.


Tobi Delbruck




  • Tobi Delbruck, Rui Graca, Marcin Paluch Feedback Control of Event Cameras, Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops 1324-1332, 2021