Shu Wang

PhD Student -- ended Aug 2023
Work phone:
I obtained my MSc in Biomedical Engineering at ETH and then joined the Sensors group at INI.
My research interests lie primarily in the analysis of temporal sequences using machine learning algorithms, especially deep neural networks. Temporal signals, such as the output of wearable biosensors, are promising indicators of various health conditions of individuals. I’m dedicated to design predictive models that can infer the physiological states of individuals, especially athletes, in real-time from a wearable sweat monitoring device and other wearable biosensors. In addition to biosignals, I also work with audio signals, especially the output spikes from Dynamic Audio Sensors, using state-of-the-art algorithms for automatic speech recognition tasks.


Shih-Chii Liu





  • Wang, S., Hu, Y., Burgues, J., Marco, S. and Liu, S-C. Prediction of gas concentration using gated recurrent neural networks, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems 178-182, 2020