Corinna Lorenz

PhD Student
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I hold a Master's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Tuebingen, Germany. In my master's thesis, I analyzed the effects of Serotonin on visual responses of neurons in V1 of non-human primates and became interested in the question of how neurons compute behavior on a systems level.
I joined INI to pursue this question in the songbird. One of the advantages of this animal model is its set of interconnected nuclei that evolved to capacitate vocal learning and production. My research, in particular, aims to understand the role of these nuclei on a systems level using large-scale recordings of many neurons during singing.


Richard Hahnloser



  • Corinna Lorenz, Xinyu Hao, Tomas Tomka, Linus Ruettimann, Richard Hahnloser Interactive extraction of diverse vocal units from a planar embedding without the need for prior sound segmentation, Front. Bioinform, 2:966066:, 2023



  • Lenka Seillier, Corinna Lorenz, Katsuhisa Kawaguchi, Torben Ott, Andreas Nieder, Paria Pourriahi, Hendrikje Nienborg Serotonin decreases the gain of visual responses in awake macaque V1, Journal of Neuroscience, 37:(47) 11390-11405, 2017


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