Linus Rüttimann

PhD Student
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I received a master degree in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zürich in 2018. In my PhD I build a setup to measure behavior in groups of songbirds. Until now vocal learning in songbirds has been studied mostly with isolated birds that can not freely interact with conspecific. The aim of my project is to build technology that facilitates the study of vocal learning in social environments. Beside my main project I'm interested in the role of information in the formation of self-organizing systems. How can highly organized systems like animals exist in a world that is ruled by the second law of thermodynamics?


Richard Hahnloser



  • Corinna Lorenz, Xinyu Hao, Tomas Tomka, Linus Ruettimann, Richard Hahnloser Interactive extraction of diverse vocal units from a planar embedding without the need for prior sound segmentation, Front. Bioinform, 2:966066:, 2023