Ioana Calangiu

Work phone:
044/635 30 44
As an undergraduate I majored in Electronics and Information Theory, and followed this by an MSc in Neurotechnologies at Imperial College London. During my early studies, I cultivated a fascination with emergent properties of complex systems. I then turned my attention to the internal dynamics of the nervous system and started a PhD at the Institute of Neuroinformatics to understand how neural dynamics of prefrontal areas generate cognitive behaviour.
In my PhD I applied statistical methods from machine learning theory to large population recordings from awake behaving monkeys engaged in behavioural tasks. My work so far has dealt with providing a comprehensive characterization of a novel signal in prefrontal cortex; the strongest and most reliable responses in our large-scale recordings cannot be accommodated in the classical theories of attention and action-selection of prefrontal areas.


Valerio Mante