Heiko Hörster

Technical Staff
Work phone:
+41 44 635 06 19

I grew up in Konstanz (Germany), where I started my vocational training as an animal caretaker for clinics and experimental research (Tierpfleger für Klinik und Forschung) at the university's animal facility. At the university of Tübingen (Germany) I ended my training in 2003, which included stays at the animal facilities of Zoological Garden Willhelma in Stuttgart, Boehringer Ingelheim and Vivarium Karlsruhe. During my 6 year stay in Tübingen I obtained the certificate as a training instructor (Ausbilder) in 2005 and as a master craftsman (Tierpflegemeister) in 2008. After a 2 year intermezzo at Konstanz university, since 2010, I have been working at the institute of brain research (HIFO) and mainly for the Hahnloser group at the institute of neuroinformatics (INI). Here I am responsible for the breeding and the well-being of zebra and bengalese finches.

My passion is birding, collecting feathers and photographing wild birds all around the world. Also, I love travelling, hiking and running.


Richard Hahnloser




  • Homare Yamahachi, Anja T. Zai, Ryosuke O. Tachibana, Anna E. Stepien, Diana I. Rodrigues, Sophie Cavé-Lopez, Gagan Narula, Juneseung Lee, Ziqiang Huang, Heiko Hörster, Daniel Düring, Richard H. R. Hahnloser Welfare of zebra finches used in research, bioRxiv, 2017 pdf