Joerg Rychen

Scientific Staff
Work phone:
+41 79 419 51 70
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I studied physics at ETH Zürich and for my PhD I built a scanning probe microscope to investigate the quantum hall effect. In 2001 I founded a company providing control systems for surface science experiments and gained my experience in management and business. After selling the company in 2008, I joined the Institute of Neuroinformatics to work on experimental setups in the group of Richard Hahnloser. As an experimentalist my profession is to create data acquisition and control systems which involves mechanical, electronic and software engineering. I am an expert for control systems based on LabVIEW and specialized in real-time signal processing on FPGAs.
I built systems for acoustic experiments with songbirds, to record their behavior and vocal communication. I am interested in bioacoustics in general and recently started a project to record and analyze the vocal communication of wild orcas.


Richard Hahnloser