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The Cortical Computation Group

Group Members

Matthew Cook
Turlough Neary
Julia Buhmann
Renate Krause
Niels Eckstein
Vanessa Leite
Moritz Milde
Ethan Palmiere


Thanuja Ambegoda
Roman Bauer
Martin Boerlin
Jakob Buhmann
Peter Diehl
Jan Funke
Dennis Göhlsdorf
Florian Jug
Sepp Kollmorgen
Christoph Krautz
Julien Martel
Lorenz Mueller
Jason Rolfe
Johannes Thiele

The Cortical Computation Group

How does thinking work?
How does the cortex compute?
What happens in the brain wetware to produce thoughts?

This is one of today's great frontiers in science.

Neuroinformatics is the study of the information processing methods of neural systems, including understanding them through creating our own systems based on the same principles.

For all that it can do, science does not yet know how to make machines do computations similar to the computations done with ease by animal brains. By experimenting with cortically inspired architectures, we hope to gain an understanding of how such computation can occur.

In our group we have three main research directions: (1) exploring styles of computation that have similarities to how brains get things done, (2) showing that simple models of computation are as powerful as standard ones, and (3) reverse-engineering the brain by automating the analysis of electron microscope images of brain tissue.