PhD or Postdoctoral Researcher in Bio-inspired, Model-Based Reinforcement Learning

Part-Time Job: Manufacturing ultrasound-sensitive drug carriers for targeted neuronal circuit manipulation in the Neurotechnology group

Postdoc positions in real-time edge audio ML perception system

PhD/PD positions in low-power event-driven compute-aware continual learning networks

Java/Matlab software development (student assistant)

Open PhD positions in event-driven deep network algorithms and hardware accelerator for prosthesis stimulation

PhD Position in vocal learning in infants and songbirds

PhD/PD position in Experimental/Systems Neuroscience – Learning in Neuronal Networks

PhD / PostDoc Position - Investigating learning algorithms in biological and artificial neuronal networks

Postdoc position: Engineering brain activity patterns using BMI

PhD position: Engineering brain activity patterns using BMI

PostDoc postion on predictive coding in mice and silico

PhD position in a sweat biomonitoring project

Phd position in low-power event-driven smart acoustic processing

A project that will develop an ultra-low power event-driven VLSI smart acoustic processing system useful for networks running on a restricted power budget such as the Internet of Things.