In November 2016 I joined Bosch Corporate Research. Until October 2016 I was a group leader at the Institute of Neuroinformatics and program coordinator for the joint MSc program in Neural Systems and Computation by the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

I did my PhD with Wolfgang Maass at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, Graz University of Technology, Austria. Before that I did my undergraduate studies in Technical Mathematics at Graz University of Technology.

My research interests are in computational neuroscience, machine learning, and computer vision. I work on algorithmic approaches for understanding computation and learning in the brain, and investigate how such algorithms can be linked to mathematical formalisms such as probabilistic inference, deep learning, and other successful methods used in machine learning. Another main focus of my work is to develop efficient event-based algorithms based on these principles that are suitable for real-world applications of neuromorphic engineering. In particular, I develop algorithms for event-based vision applications that work with sensory input from Silicon Retina sensors such as the Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS). My focus is on gesture and movement recognition, tracking, object recognition, and sensory fusion.

  • 31. October 2016: I have left the Institute of Neuroinformatics, this site will no longer be updated!
  • 23. August 2016: Yuhuang Hu has created new DVS datasets for event-based vision. The article is here, the datasets can be found here.
  • 28. June 2016: Jonathan Binas and Danny Neil present an exciting new approach for precise, low-power deep neural network inference with imprecise analog circuits. A pre-print is available here: here.
  • 25. May 2016: Dora Sumislawska has received the best paper award at ISCAS 2016 for her paper "Wide dynamic range weights and biologically realistic synaptic dynamics for spike-based learning circuits". Congratulations!.
  • 26. April 2016: Danny Neil shows how spiking Deep Networks can be made computationally more efficient, see here.
  • 03. December 2015: Philipp Kainz published a new method for medical image segmentation with Deep Neural Networks, see here.
  • 03. December 2015: Jonathan Binas published a new method to use thermal noise in analog VLSI for neural sampling, see here.
  • 01. October 2015: Marion Betizeau joins the group as a postdoc working on analysis of cell lineage data. Welcome!
  • 03. June 2015:New article with Evangelos Stromatias et al. on the robustness of deep spiking networks on low-precision neuromorphic hardware appeared in Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering.
  • 20. May 2015:I will be presenting about spiking deep neural networks at the Edinburgh Deep Learning Workshop and the ZNZ annual symposium in Zurich.
  • 16. April 2015:We will be presenting three new articles at IJCNN 2015, Killarney, Ireland.
  • 03. February 2015:New article with Xavier Lagorce et al. on spatiotemporal features for event-based data appeared in Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering.
  • 08. December 2014:New article with Francesco Galluppi et al. on implementing synaptic plasticity on SpiNNaker appeared in Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering.
  • 04. December 2014:New article with Roman Bauer et al. on developmental self-construction and -configuration appeared in PLoS Computational Biology.
  • 04. November 2014:Together with Ryad Benosman and Jon Tapson I'm hosting a special research topic at Frontiers on Benchmarks and Challenges for Neuromorphic Engineering. Please consider contributing.
  • 16. June 2014: Our paper on learning stable Winner-Take-All Dynamics by an interplay of excitatory and inhibitory plasticity appeared in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience
  • 16. June 2014: I will organize a topic area on Neuromorphic Computer Vision on Wearable Devices at the Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop, together with R. Benosman, G. Orchard, and C. Fermüller
  • 01. April 2014: Together with Jun Haeng Lee and the team at SAIT we published a paper on neuromorphic gesture recognition at IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • 18. September 2013: Our first paper on event-based Deep Belief Networks has been accepted at Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering
  • 09. September 2013: New short review on spatio-temporal spike pattern recognition together with S. Sheik at Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems Conference
  • 25. April 2013: Our new article on spike-based Expectation Maximization has been published in PLoS Computational Biology
  • 16. May 2012: Publication list updated.
  • 26. March 2012: This website is created.
Last changed: 23 August 2016