Raphael Berner

Postdoc -- ended Jun 2013
Work phone:
044 635 30 94

After studying Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich, I joined INI for doing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Tobi Delbruck. During my Phd and in my current position as a postdoc I have been working mostly on pixel architectures for neuromorphic vision sensors and AER communication circuits.

I am very impressed by the efficiency and complexity of biological sensor, especially the retina. In our work we are trying to implement some of the concepts found in biology in artificial vision sensors.
I am working on different aspects of these dynamic vision sensors. On the pixel level, we are shrinking the pixel to achieve higher resolution as well as implementing new functionality like color sensitivity and sustained intensity level readout. On the chip level we are developing new communication circuits to increase communication bandwidth. On the camera level I am working on PCBs and firmware to interface our chips.


Tobi Delbruck



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