Iulia-Alexandra Lungu

PhD Student -- ended Feb 2020
Work phone:
As a Bioinformatics (BSc) and Computational Neuroscience (MSc) graduate, I am interested in designing general-purpose artificial intelligence solutions. I like to draw inspiration from the brain to develop novel theoretical and computational models that aim at closing the gap between human and artificial intelligence. Current research topics include deep reinforcement learning and artificial neural networks, as well as coupling these models with event-based sensors such as the DVS neuromorphic camera. As part of the Neuromorphic Processor Project I get to work in close contact with digital designers in order to develop joint hardware-software packages for neural network acceleration.


Michael Pfeiffer

Spin-Off Companies



  • Lungu, I. A., Aimar, A., Hu, Y. , Delbruck, T., and Liu, S-C. Siamese networks for few-shot learning on edge embedded devices, IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems , 10:(4) 488-497, 2020
  • Lungu, I. A., Hu, Y. and Liu, S-C. Multi-resolution Siamese networks for one-shot learning, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems 183-187, 2020




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