Focused Ultrasound mediated Drug delivery: In-Vitro Tests

Focused Ultrasound mediated drug delivery is a promising method for targeted non-invasive drug delivery for neurological disorders and cancer therapy. We have developed drug loaded microbubbles/nanoparticles which can be triggered with Focused Ultrasound, thereby releasing their content to targeted brain regions. To improve drug delivery efficacy invivo, we have conducted invitro experiments on our custom-built setup (Figure). We seek a master thesis student who can further perform these invitro optimization experiments.

The student will learn how to design micro and nanoparticles for drug delivery and test certain Focused Ultrasound parameters to improve drug delivery efficiency.


The student should have a chemistry background and some MATLAB experience. The study will be done at the Neurotechnology Laboratory, Prof Yanik, ETH Zurich.


Aagam Shah: ashah (at)
Mehmet Ozdas: zdasm (at)

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