Real-time feedback-controlled delivery of neuromodulators for non-invasive high-resolution modulation of brain

We are employing MRI guided focused ultrasound based delivery of neuromodulators to control activity of specific brain micro circuits and subsequent cognitive behavior, which has both fundamental and medical applications. In this project, we will develop a safe methodology for delivering neuromodulators at optimal yield without damaging the brain parenchyma by acquiring the signatures emitted back from the microbubble/nanoparticles. This will be done using a passive cavitation detector interfaced to a computer to provide real-time feedback control. The project will involve instrumentation such Analog to Digital Converters, Hydrophones, Passive Cavitation Detectors, Function Generators, in vivo Electrophysiology equipment, and MRI. The candidates are expected to have reasonable background in Signal Processing/ MATLAB Programming.

The study will be conducted at Neurotechnology Laboratory of Prof. Yanik at ETH Zurich:


Experience in Signal Processing/ MATLAB Programming.


For details please contact:
Mehmet Ozdas: ozdas (at)
Aagam Shah: shah (at)

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